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D12 – American Psycho Ii Lyrics (feat. B-real)

[Intro: B-Real] Yeah, homie I thought we told you, we been f*cking loco Cypress Hill, D12, bitch! [Hook: B-Real] I’m a little bit off the chain, call me insane But the fact remains that I’m a psycho Better get it through your brain When you say my name Never say […]

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Twisted Insane & Charlie Ray – Dab 2 The Face (feat. Iso) (The Gatekeeper And The Keymaster Album)

[Verse 1: Iso] I live so la vida loca, off of ‘preme with that weed and coke-uh So much drink don’t need a coaster nigga I be off with more greed than Oprah To a bad bitch that’ll clean my rover’s, getting Freddy with me looking like I’m eating oysters […]

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