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50 Cent is back at it, and this time he’s taking aim at Tory Lanez.

The Toronto star’s hair loss became a punchline this week after he was photographed playing basketball with patchy bald spots. His appearance was the butt of many jokes on social media including from 50 Cent.

Tory Lanez hair look like he been in the electric chair about to die and then the warden ran in and stopped it at the last minute 😂😂😂😂😭 pic.twitter.com/OntXtPYd2s

— Doc 🦂 (@humble1025) February 17, 2021

The notorious troll couldn’t help but clown Tory. 50 reposted a video from comedian Tyhem Commodore, mocking Tory by showing his hair being shot off his head by a gunman in a drive-by shooting. The actor playing Tory scrambles to put it back in the snow.

50 weighed in with his own commentary. “This fool crazy for this. LOL,” he captioned the clip.

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Despite all the jokes at his expense, Tory seemed unfazed. He later showed off his restored hair on Instagram Live while getting a $250 haircut from his barber.

My boy Tory lanez got his hair back right wit his new barber who charges $250 a haircut pic.twitter.com/BtYK3aIRi5

— DJ Akademiks (@Akademiks) February 18, 2021

In a November 2019 interview with Big Boy, Tory opened up about his hair loss and revealed that he was seeing a doctor who specializes in hair restoration. “So many people are so insecure about their hair, I just want ni**as to know that I went through all phases for y’all,” he said. “I let y’all know that you can lose your hair, for males specifically that have hair problems. I also showed y’all that you can come back from it.”

On Friday, Tory released a video for his Chris Brown collaboration “F.E.E.L.S.” off his upcoming project Playboy.

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